1 People rush to their houses
2 Black clouds roll in from the sea
3 Windows slam hard

4 I know better than that

5 All the trees are white
6 The old land is alive
7 Waking up in the water

8 Everything is bright
9 The movie house is never empty
10 People cry while being whipped

11 The sun smiles as it bums
12 The earth moves willingly onward

13 The blind riding in a car
14 Look at you without getting angry
15 Without a way to get back

16 She is running across the field
17 A ball rolls down the hill
18 Waiting for the falling rock

19 One broke his head
20 In many pieces

21 The city of the dream
22 Is changing direction
23 A man runs into the stream

24 The same faces
25 One day the city will collapse
26 Draw a picture of that day

27 So I am what you are

28 People talk to each other
29 Try to get through the heat waves
30 Of the solid box


(Barrett Watten. "Coda." 1-10. Berkeley: This, 1980. 56-57.)