The Apparition

The Parthenon uplifted on its rock first
challenging the view on the approach to Athens.

Abrupt the supernatural Cross,
Vivid in startled air,
Smote the Emperor Constantine
And turned his soul's allegiance there.
With other power appealing down,
Trophy of Adam's best!
If cynic minds you scarce convert,
You try them, shake them, or molest.
Diogenes, that honest heart,
Lived ere your date began;
Thee had he seen, he might have swerved
In mood nor barked so much at Man.


l. 3: Emperor Constantine. Commonly known in English as Constantine the Great (c. 272-337), was the first Christian emperor of Rome and ended the religious persecution of that sect.

l. 9: Diogenes. Also known as Diogenes the Cynic, was a Greek philosopher who lived from c. 412 to 323 BC. He rejected earthly wealth and lived in the streets of Athens. He is famous for seeking one honest man in the world