77 Dream Songs (1964)

Dream Song 36

The high ones die, die. They die. You look up and who's there?
--Easy, easy, Mr Bones. I is on your side.
I smell your grief.
--I sent my grief away. I cannot care
forever. With them all align & again I died
and cried, and I have to live.

--Now there you exaggerate, Sah. We hafta die.
That is our 'pointed task. Love & die.
--Yes; that makes sense.
But what makes sense between, then? What if I
roiling & babbling & braining, brood on why and
just sat on the fence?

--I doubts you did or do. De choice is lost.
--It's fool's gold. But I go in for that.
The boy & the bear
looked at each other. Man all is tossed
& lost with groin-wounds by the grand bulls, cat.
William Faulkner's where?

(Frost being still around.)

77 Dream Songs (1964)