His Toy, His Dream, His Rest (1969)

Dream Song 83

Op. posth. no. 6

I recall a boil, whereupon as I had to sit,
just where, and when I had to, for deadlines.
O I could learn to type standing,
but isn't it slim to be slumped off from that,
problems undignified, fiery dig salt mines?--
Content on one's black flat:

soming no deadline--is all ancient nonsense--
no typewriters--ha! ha!--no typewriters--
For I have much to open, I know immense
troubles & wonders to their secret curse.
Yet when erect on my ass,

pissed off, I sat two-square, I kept shut my mouth
and stilled my nimble fingers across keys.
That is I stood up.
Now since down I lay, void of love & ruth,
I'd howl my knowings, only there's the earth
overhead. Plop!

His Toy, His Dream, His Rest (1969)