25 Caprichos after Goya

19. That Which We See in Goya

A woman made to wear
a foolfs cap
& to ride a mule.
The road clogged up with watchers,
men on horseback,
shadows on a glass,
an eye gone dead,
a change of fortune.
Time is running
That which we see
in Goya
comes alive. It is
the punishment men dream
who live in fear
of women,
bang their bells
In anger.
Deep inside
the mind
there is a drawing
still to do.
Here are the men
whose backs are turned
against us,
others with sticks,
with curled hair
shoulder length,
& eyes that travel
ready for the kill.
Nobody can call them back.
A stadium erupts
in flames. A stand
of fathers
draws a clamp around
her neck.
The past & future
intersect. Godfs
word is spoken,
strands you
in a foreign clime.
A fell arrest.