Emily Brontë

Comments & Themes


    • Emily Brontë is a poet for whom Nature is fundamental. How would you describe the nature depicted in her poems? Would you say it is a nature similar to other Romantic poets, or is it more personal and introspective?


    • Ennumerate some symbols in E. Brontë's poetry. How would you describe them? Could you classify them into different groups? What is their role in the poems?


    • Romantic poetry has Fancy as one of its main tenets. The other is imagination. Which one would you say that plays a more important role in E. Brontë's poetry? Why does she mention fancy in "A Day Dream"?


    • Compare Emily Brontë's to Emily Dickinson's poetry. Would you say that both poets share a basic understanding of what poetry is? If so, what are the common points? And the differences?


    • In what sense is Emily Brontë's a religious poetry?