Islets / Irritations

was, rain, dish
our, an, much
took, kid, stretch
well, real, didn't
immersion, wanted, attractive
oooooo, my, served
&, see, so
mean, was, into
felt, tenderly, beacon
personal, like, trip
looking, many, someone
20, out, preparation
ethos, squabble, so
quelling, quality, little
in, we, about
intense, reel, something
tired, shadow, was
down, very, how
claim, forward, of
express, manually, evolve
strength, man, rigid
now, no, jaw
puddle, rush, a
pleat, obtaining, mine
flit, that, the
doing, oh, but
incipient, to, see
summarily, $116, available
screaming, they, off
down, is, all
level, elucidating, moxie
long, slow, turned
loaf, sex, for
dream, sure, when
gets, a, six
far, Al, for
might, great, there
sum, precious, vowel
padrone, flattened, let
wicked, ain't, undetermined
flash, fish, nautilus
asked, you, about
kiss, bus, so
push, if, warp
crane, mild, forward
you, that, after
point, it, formality
applauded, of, quasi
there, bet, quibble
much, moving, us
able, crush, more
pretty, lots, age
presume, fear, which
affront, obvious, dogma
that, considerable, nevertheless
their, enclosure, her
unlikely, by, &
edge, we, cherish
pause, felt, too
saw, you, last
just, okay, fine
thank, susceptible, a
each, some, fine
dig, cheese, laying
bench, drink, focus
any, hole, distant
bun, man, little
way, Emilie, TV
plus, certain, nails
something, it, is
works, current, after
less, be, in
of, stock, all
moves, right, streak
want, much, sending
real, certainly, favorite
hear, remember, a
you, turned, sense
prelude, &, fusion
overriding, story, be
loss, Yiddish, loose
is, but, is
piece, finishing, bounds
early, I, say
context, of, story
alternative, the, things
thoughts, as, to
something, fluid, else
differ, alone, in
not, way, of
as, is, which
shape, early, on
lives, seem, we
resort, point, kind
describes, a, fluid
dialect, a, see
space, some, which
sees, as, making
own, back, not
there, hands, talk
object, time, it's
liver, as, &
prior, things, though
wonder, back, from
feel, not, situation
gotten, them, beside
lots, latest, which
here, I, was
didn't, not, yet
should, seems, Chicago
yet, here, of
possibly, you, or
unlikely, seemed, phone
crush, pace, away
wonder, still, few
over, want, break
out, lots, getting
Lyn, ever, stays
nothing, unwilling, let
break, off, for
let, lines, same
so, what, mind
additional, satisfying, your
someone, who, reminds
always, could, send
afar, kinds, feels
halt, call, silent
hardly, stay, same
we'll, hard, thing
is, how, it
emotions, much, more
so, what, are
all, that, we
so, okay, before
missed, a, how
are, an, there
thing, between, once
guy, isn't, what
actually, believe, made
going, can't, this
constantly, getting, is
they, &, see
color, I, my
take, your, but
presence, as, adequate
pressure, worth, for
jumble, yet, these
best, will, board


(Charles Bernstein. "No title." Islets / Irritations. New York: Roof, 1992. 12-17.)