Edgar Allan Poe


Web site of the Edgar Allan Poe Society of Baltimore. Contains sections with General Information about Poe, Information about Poe in Baltimore, Information about the Poe Society and Other Links.

Contains texts of Poe’s poetry and prose works, the 1927 biography of Poe by Hervey Allen and a list of varied and interesting resource links for both literary and general research.

A Poe Webliography: a Guide to Edgar Allan Poe on the Internet, by Heyward Ehrlich

(Published in Poe Studies/Dark Romanticism, 30 (1997), 1-26).

Consists of three main sections: Poe the Person, Poe the Writer and The Poe Library. Each one contains a wealth of information, including photos, maps, videos and audio recordings of texts about and by Poe.

Contains Poe's works, story summaries, quotes, Poe wordlist with definitions, photos and paintings.

Video recording of Vincent Price reading “The Raven”.

Contains audio recording of “The Raven”, by Basil Rathbone and “The Purlioned Letter”, by Anthony Quail.

Offers sound recordings of a large number of stories and poems by Poe.