Charles Bernstein

Comments & Themes

Topics for research and critical analysis:

    • Define the stylistic elements which identify Charles Bernstein's work as innovative. To what extent is this detail in the attached poems.


    • From the standpoint of style, what distinguishes prose from poetry in the excerpt taken from "Artifice of Absorption? To what extent can the poet use the devices of prose?


    • Compare Charles Bernstein's attached poems. Which impresses you as more poetic.


    • Compare Charles Bernstein with one or more experimental poets --Pound, Zukofsky, Olson, John Ashbery. In what respects do the latter authors surpass Bersntein? In what way does he remain superior?


    • Analyze some references or scenes from the standpoint of poetic technique and effectiveness.


    • Analyze imagery, action, perception, and consider the philosophical and social issues raised in Charles Bernstein's work.