Ron Silliman

Comments & Themes

Topics for research and critical analysis:

    • Analyze Ron Silliman's poetry exploring his sources: Gertrude Stein, Russian Formalism, projectivist poets, and Louis Zukofsky.


    • Articulate Silliman's leftist crirtique. Focus on his multifaceted political analysis.


    • Read one of Silliman's attached poems with an eye to everyday scenes.


    • Analyze the structure of these poems with respect to grammar, syntax, time sequences, and his simplest materials.


    • Find intrincate forms, puns, sounds, statements, which unfold references to Silliman's philosophical concerns.


    • Determine Silliman's reflections and questionings on language.


    • Give some constitutive factors in Silliman's poems and how they deal with innovative constructs.